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YMP-6113 # Scanning tunneling microscope(STM)
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Scanning Tunneling Microscopes (STM) utilize the tunneling current that forms between an atom-scale tip of a needle and samples inexternal electric fields, measure the height of the needle relative to the sample surface, and delineate the microstructures of the surface. STM first-time observed the arrangement of single atoms on the material and measured related physicochemical properties in real time. Itis a major scientific breakthrough in the 1980s. YMP-6113 STM adopts a unique horizontal probe structure, overcoming the vertical microshift of the fine and coarse adjustments and enhancing the microscope’s stability.



  • The STM probe adopts a unique horizontaldesign and is equipped with a unique USB video microscope monitoring system,which enables visualization of the microprobe operation and feeding process,better and more intuitive to meet the user's operational requirements, makingthe operation of the instrument more intuitive for researchers and students inthe process of scientific research and teaching experiments, and the probe andinstrument performance more stable and superior.


  • Adopt high precision piezoelectric ceramic scanning sensor, X, Y, Z mutually orthogonal three-axis piezoelectric ceramic, can ensure that the scanning image does not distort due to coupling; scanner with better scanning linearity and independence, higher strength and rigidity, both stronger scanning drive, can be applied to both smaller and larger, lighter and heavier samples of scanning imaging.

  • Powerful graphics software and functions, color image scanning, processing and display software, Chinese and English operating interface, compatible with Windows XP/Win7/Win8/Win10 and other operating systems. With the mouse, you can arbitrarily select the local scanning area to achieve image panning, positioning and zooming. Surface scanning and line scanning in X and Y directions; nano-level 3D morphological structure and cross-sectional line display of the sample surface can be obtained. Crop, paste, contrast adjustment, brightness adjustment, color adjustment, background color adjustment, image smoothing, filtering, and other image processing functions.

  • The STM is very easy and convenient to use, and generally requires no dedicated personnel to operate and maintain. Probe installation, sample installation, coarse and fine tuning of the injection, image scanning, image storage, and other operations can be done simply. It is especially suitable for scientific research, teaching experiments and product testing.

  • It does not need to be used in harsh environments, and can operate normally in ordinary laboratories, ordinary lab benches, ordinary classrooms, ordinary tables, etc. It can work normally in general environmental conditions with light, slight vibration and people walking around. Our AFM is visible, tangible, easy to maintain, easy to operate, universal, not black box, installation and commissioning is extremely cumbersome, need to be operated by a person, the use of the environment is almost harsh.


  • STM images of partially scanned test samples

Part list

STM probe unit1
STM control box 1
STM tip15
USB-based optical microscope1
All-in-one PC computer, including STM software1
Scissors, tweezers, screwdriver, etc.1

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