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YMP-6107 # PN Junction Characteristic & Boltzmann Constant Experiment
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YMP-6107 is mainly used for university experimental teaching of PN Junction Characteristics and the Boltzmann Constant. The experimentapparatus adopts a microcurrent source as the forward current of the PN junction. By changing the forward current and measuring theforward voltage drop, the volt-ampere characteristics curve of the PN junction can be obtained. YMP-6107 is also equipped with a temperature-controlled device to measure the volt-ampere characteristics of the PN junction at different temperatures and calculate theBoltzmann constant k, sensitivity S, and the forbidden bandwidth of silicon materials.


1. to obtain the Boltzmann constant by plotting the forward voltage of PN junction with the forward current at room temperature.
2. to plot the forward voltage of PN junction with the forward current at different temperatures to obtain the Boltzmann constant.
3. plot the change of PN junction forward voltage drop with temperature under the condition of constant forward current, and calculate the sensitivity of junction voltage with temperature.
4. calculate the forbidden band width of the semiconductor (silicon) material at 0K.


  • Adopt semiconductor cooling and heating device

    The temperature control system uses semiconductor cooling sheet for heating and cooling, which can be rapidly heated and cooled.

  • A micro-current constant current source is used as the forward   current source.

    A microcurrent constant current source is designed, and the microcurrent output is divided into 4 grades: 10-6~10-9A; it can steadily output precise microcurrent in the range of 1nA~1mA, which solves the problem of measuring microcurrent jumping words and instability, and can accurately measure the forward voltage drop. It can measure Boltzmann constant more precisely.

  • Adopting open heating device

    Open design provides several universal temperature jacks, which can be used by users to measure thermistors, copper resistors, thermocouples, AD590 and LM35, in addition to PN junction sensors, with good expandability.

  • Expandable to digital experiments

    Digital experiment: the instrument can be equipped with 2-channel data acquisition interface and voltage sensor, which can be upgraded to a computer-based digital data acquisition and analysis experiment system.


Map the V-I curve and calculate the Boltzmann constant of PN junctionsat room temperature.

Map the V-I curve and calculate the Boltzmann constant of PN junctionsat different temperatures.

Map the V-T curve and calculate the V-to-T sensitivity of the PN junction at a constant forward current.

Calculate the forbidden bandwidth of semiconductors (silicon) at 0K.




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