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YMP-6104A# Photoelectric Effect  Experiment
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YMP-6104 series photoelectric effect experiment adopts high-pressure mercury lamps as the light source. The five characteristic spectrallines (365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546, 577nm) are filtered by an interference filter and aperture (2mm, 4mm, or 8mm) and turned into narrowband monochromatic light of fixed spot size. With the DC voltage between the anode and cathode, the monochromatic light shone on thephototube induces photocurrent, which is then amplified by a micro-current amplifier and can be measured. By studying the relationshipsamong wavelengths, aperture size, and light intensity, Einstein's photoelectric effect theory can be verified.

Manually-adjustable high-quality potentiometer Integrated design includes a DC adjustable power supply and high-precision micro-current amplifier Integrated filters and aperturesUpgrade to a digital experiment system by adding an optional wireless voltage sensor through the data logging interface.


1、Measure the cut-off voltage under different frequency illumination. Planck's constant h is calculated from the relationship between the cut-off voltage and frequency.

2、The voltage-current characteristics of the photodiode were studied under different filters, different apertures and different distances.



  • Filter and aperture integrated

    The 5 filters and the 3 apertures are built into the front of the photodiode case, making it easy to keep clean and eliminating the need for a separate storage box. To use different filters and apertures, you simply turn them in different positions. And each wheel card rotates to a specific position and has a locking device to ensure that the filter and diaphragm holes are aligned.

1.png 6.png

  • Monochromatic light is filtered by narrow-band interference filter

    Narrow-band   interference   filters   are   used   in   all   the   5 wavelength   filters   to ensure the strict requirements of monochromatic light in photoelectric effect experiments.

  • Adopt optical rail and rail carrier

    The light source and photocell are installed on the optical slide, which perfectly ensures the coaxiality of the optical path and makes the experiment more consistent.

  • Upgrade to a digital experiment.

    Equipped with wireless voltage sensor can be upgraded to data experiment, real-time data acquisition and analysis.

  • YMP-6104A Manual photoelectric effect experiment


Integrated design, the experiment includes a group of manual DC adjustable power supply and a group of high precision microcurrent amplifier, with digital display.

Integrated design of filter and diaphragm, equipped with light shield.

2 data acquisition interfaces, experiment can be upgraded digital experiment.


Optional Part

YSC-4201    Wireless voltage sensor 【2】

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