OPTICS is one of the oldest fundamental disciplines in physics, with a history of development dating back more than 2000 years, yet it is one of the most active disciplines in current scientific research. With the deepening of human understanding of nature, the development of optics has roughly gone through five periods: the budding period, the geometric optics period, the fluctuating optics period, the quantum optics period, and the modern optics period.

Optical experiments are an important branch of physics experiments, and occupy a very important position in most physics experimental teaching systems. Optical experiments are not only the content that physics majors must master, but also the knowledge that engineering majors need to learn, while some experiments are also aimed at non-science majors to improve their scientific literacy.

The uniqueness of our optical series experiments incorporates the technical advantages of the photoelectric measurement product line and introduces a series of specialized experimental contents related to optical measurement, such as spectral analysis, LED characteristics testing, color matching, etc. At the same time, combined with the latest optical technology, a part of novel and interesting experimental content is introduced, such as laser scanning experiments, LIDAR experiments, etc.

All products are designed and developed with experimental safety as the premise and performance quality as the priority, to better serve the experimental teaching work through continuous innovation and iteration.

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