Materials science, also known as materials engineering, deals with the properties of matter and its integrated applications in various fields of science and engineering, and is an interdisciplinary discipline that studies the interrelationship between the preparation or processing processes of materials, the microstructure of materials, and the macroscopic properties of materials.

Materials science, as one of the interdisciplinary disciplines in which physics is applied, can only be better understood by mastering the physical principles involved.

We have developed some interesting series of experiments in materials science, such as the study of the coefficient of linear expansion of metallic materials, which differs from the traditional method of heating hot water to steam heating, which not only greatly reduces the experimental setup, but also basically eliminates the generation of scale in the tubes. At the same time, we also pay great attention to the experimental research on the microscopic morphology of materials and have launched the scanning tunneling microscope and the atomic force microscope. These two products adopt a unique horizontal probe structure, so that the direction of atomic force is perpendicular to the direction of gravity without interfering with each other, and the overall center of gravity of the probe is lowered, thus overcoming the vertical creep of the original coarse and fine adjustment approximation mechanism, making the instrument performance more stable and superior.

All products are designed and developed with experimental safety as the premise and performance quality as the priority, to better serve the experimental teaching work through continuous innovation and iteration.

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