XLS-8309 # LASER

XLS-8309 # LASER


YLS-8304 # LASER

YLS-8304 # LASER



YLS-8304 series lasers are often used as excitation light sources for fluorescence measurements, Raman measurements, and LIBS measurements in optoelectronic measurement applications. We offer two types of lasers suitable for optoelectronic measurements: single wavelength narrow linewidth lasers, and dual wavelength narrow linewidth lasers.

The YLS-8304-01 series is the research-grade single-wavelength narrow linewidth multimode laser that provides a variety of center wavelengths to choose from. The minimum linewidth of this series of lasers can reach 0.08nm, and its narrow linewidth, stable power and stable wavelength output make it one of the ideal light sources for scientific research. The product is compact, easy to carry, and supports upper computer control and real-time monitoring of the laser's usage status.

YLS-8304-01 series is a research-grade dual wavelength narrow line width multi-mode laser, currently offering two sets of center wavelengths 784 / 785nm and 785 / 1064nm for selection. The dual wavelength line width of this series of lasers can be less than 0.1nm, also has the characteristics of narrow line width, stable power and stable wavelength output. At the same time, it supports dual output switching and supports upper computer control and monitoring of usage status.

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