YLS-8301 series # Deuterium Halogen light source

YLS-8301 series # Deuterium Halogen light source



YLS-8301 deuterium halogen illuminant series products, is the most commonly used type of standard light source in optical measurement. We provide two types of deuterium halogen illuminant: tungsten illuminant and deuterium tungsten illuminant.

YLS-8301-05 is a high stability intensity adjustable cooled tungsten illuminant. The whole machine circuit is built into the integrated heat sink, and the built-in voltage regulator circuit continuously provides a stable spectral output. The spectral intensity of the illuminant output is adjustable and equipped with an electronic shutter controlled by TTL for easy system integration.

YLS-8301-03 is an economical tungsten illuminant with a small size and easy integration. The whole machine adopts modular design, and can load wavering or attenuation sheet. At the same time, it can also be equipped with a dedicated transmittance module and a reflectivity module to expand into a spectral analysis system for measuring transmittance, absorbance and reflectivity.

YLS-8301-02 is a bulb replaceable tungsten illuminant, the light replacement process can be quickly replaced without the help of any tools. We provide 20-100W several different power bulbs to choose from.

YLS-8301-01 is a high-performance deuterium tungsten illuminant, the full spectrum of the band through the intensity balance and filter glitch peak treatment, the use of new filter technology, so that the output of the spectral curve smooth and continuous. The built-in bulb is easy to replace, control by shutter, dual illuminant with independent turn on/off, power-adjustable tungsten lamp ,   independent and remote turn on/off the illuminant via TTL control.

The YLS-8301-04 is a compact deuterium-tungsten illuminant which is very suitable for mobile spectral measurements and handheld spectral analysis applications. Dual illuminant that can be turned on/off independently, control by shutter, independent and remote turn on/off the illuminant via TTL control.

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