Electromagnetism   is a subdiscipline of physics that studies the laws and applications of electromagnetic phenomena and originated in the 18th century. Electromagnetism in a broad sense can be said to include electricity and magnetism, but in a narrow sense it is a discipline that explores the interaction between electricity and magnetism. It is the study of electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic fields, and the dynamics of electric charges and charged objects.

Electromagnetism experiments are an important branch of physics experiments, and occupy a very important position in most physics experimental teaching systems. Electromagnetism experiments are not only necessary for physics majors to master, but also for engineering majors to learn, and some experiments are also aimed at non-science students to improve their scientific literacy.

We have developed some interesting experiments in electromagnetism series, both classical Hall effect experiments and giant magnetoresistance experiments, and experimental contents combined with new energy or materials science, such as new energy experiments, experiments on basic characteristics of solar cells, etc. In terms of data collection and analysis, not only can the traditional way to manually collect and analyze, but also through digital sensing technology to conduct digital experiments. Such a variety of experimental methods can meet the different teaching needs of schools. All products are designed and developed with experimental safety as the premise and performance quality as the priority, to better serve the experimental teaching work through continuous innovation and iteration.

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