In recent years, with the increasing popularity of optoelectronic products such as cameras, mobile phones, and computers in daily life, the increasing demand for optoelectronic products has further promoted the development of the optical component industry. In the coming years, the demand for optical glass products and other optical components in the mobile phone manufacturing industry will continue to grow rapidly. In addition, the demand for optical components is also on the rise in industries such as security, motion sensing game, , fingerprint/palm recognition, LED lighting, biomedicine, and smart TVs. The assembly and testing industry of optical components has a high level of technological content, but the degree of production automation is not high. The worker's process technology and production management level directly affect the product quality and yield rate. Therefore, the inspection and assembly of optical components require very precise processes, requiring engineers with rich optical knowledge and proficient mastery of optical processes. As students majoring in optoelectronics, only by mastering the basic knowledge and skills of optical device processing and testing, receiving practical training in basic optical design and manufacturing, and learning the design and manufacturing methods of optoelectronic products in the optoelectronic industry, can they become core talents in the optoelectronic industry and related fields. We will launch an optical component assembly and inspection training system for the optoelectronic profession, integrating the detection and assembly methods of optical components in the main industries of the optoelectronic industry. We will closely adhere to the core knowledge points of teaching materials such as "Engineering Optics", "Optoelectronic Detection", "Optical Design", "Applied Optics", and "Fiber Optics", and combine the design and production ideas of optoelectronic products. We will reasonably allocate student operations and hands-on content, strictly implement the internal employee management rules of the factory, and achieve a complete production process from principle design assembly testing, completing the initial training of enterprise engineers.

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